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In-depth roof surveys on the state of each roof and cost of repairs (including photo evidence), from fully qualified roofing experts.

At Advanced Construction & Roofing, our fully qualified roofing experts help clients understand the condition of each element of the roof, identify defects, and assess damage on their roofs.

We carry out an in-depth analysis of the roof, roof covering, supporting structures, gutters, rainwater system, tile condition, windows, skylights and chimney stacks.

Thereafter we provide our clients a comprehensive roof report (including photos) that includes advice on condition, defects, their apparent cause, urgency of repairs, maintenance options inclusive of algorithm guidance on the costs required to maintain or put the roof in sound condition.

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Why choose EPDM roofing?

With its smooth synthetic superior finish, EPDM is perfect complementing both new & old properties. Some past examples of large organisations that have used the EPDM system for their roofs are: Staples, Microsoft & Honda.

EPDM is also often used as a less expensive alternative to leadwork, often a target for thieves. EPDM is also perfect for lining out Finlock Gutters.

Benefits of a Dry Verge System

Benefits of a Dry Verge System include:

  • Securely fixed to resist the highest wind forces
  • Low Maintenance
  • Eliminates problems with mortar
  • Quick to lay and fix
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Compatible with most types of roof tiles
  • Special design features
  • Exceptionally secure
  • Provides an attractive finish

Affordable Dry Verge Services

Advanced Construction & Roofing offers dry verge installation to customers in North Down and we have fitted hundreds of dry verge systems to date.

Dry verges are used to prevent water damage and to stop pest such as birds from damaging the roofline. The dry verge system will last for many years with little or no maintainace, wet verges were used in the past and the render would crack or was away over time leaving the wet verge ineffective and unsightly.