New Roofs

At Advanced Construction & Roofing we have a dedicated roofing team who can undertake both small and large residential/ commercial roofing and maintenance projects.

We regularly undertake replacements/repairs to pitched tiled or slate roofs, flat roofs or decking, extension roofs, roofs to dormer windows, garages, and also shed roofs.

Roofing repairs take various forms. If you simply want tiles replaced, mortar re-pointed or holes patched up, this is a cost-effective option.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to investigate and pinpoint the cause of any water leak or roof defect and carry out the necessary repair works. The common problems we encounter include slipped or broken slates, tiles and ridges, loose and defective cover flashing’s, blocked outlets and waterways – to mention but a few.

We will take photographs of the defects to share with you – so that you can see exactly what is required.

Our standard repair services include:
  • Roof Replacements
  • Replacing broken, damaged or missing slates/tiles
  • Re-pointing
  • EPDM flat roofs
  • PVC Fascias
  • Chimney re-pointing
  • Chimney Flashings
  • All types of repairs are undertaken

We provide FREE ESTIMATES to all potential customers! Giving our customers the peace of mind, they deserve with all work guaranteed.

For more information on our services or to arrange a FREE quotation visit please call us on 02891 071279 | 028 9072 6126 or email us at

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